Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowed in with the Parents

Now we're really snowed in. Pacific Northwesterners from Oregon to Washington are stuck in airports, train stations, bus depots and ditches. Best laid plans are biting the dust.

My BFF was supposed to fly here from Vancouver B.C. before returning to Hawaii; and after waiting for hours at the airport decided to fly home. It's so unfair that it was easier for her to fly across the Pacific Ocean than catch a plane to SeaTac.

My nephew and his girlfriend spent eight hours driving in the snow (with my sister white knuckling the wheel), only to find themselves stranded twelve plus hours the next day at an Amtrak station, waiting for that repeatedly promised "next train" home. All this to spend a few hours at an early family Christmas gathering. I'm not sure we're worth it! parents are visiting. Very nice, don't get me wrong, I love to see them and have the kids get to know their grandparents. My daughter is in awe of my mother's long, red nails and sparkly diamond rings (she's never seen such a manicured hand before). But even well-meaning mothers can be, you know, mothers. Since they've been here I've discovered: I need a new bra (because I'm looking a "little saggy"), my ranch dressing is runny, and using fresh spices is a stage I'll grow out of. Maybe today I'll hear about how I "would look so much nicer with just a little more makeup". But she raved about my blog, and even though it's from my mother (I mean, mothers have to love their kid's blog...right?) it felt great. So what can I say? I gotta love her, she's my mom!

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