Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Babies' Birthday Revisited

First Birthday

The night before the party, so much to be done,
a special one too, the kids turn one.
Gifts still to wrap, & the hour was late
“Geez, I still have two crowns to create!”

While Sis wrapped the gifts
I sat down to think,
“Why am I making these?
They'll be yanked off in a blink!”

The next morning was a blur,
the vacuum roared, beaters whirred.
We got the kids napped & dressed up cute,
guests began arriving with lots of loot.

The table was full of wonderful dishes,
the babies made rounds, giving everyone kisses.
Finally it was time to give them their cake.
The candles were lit, just a wish to make.

I made a wish for them, as they dug in to taste.
“May their future be bright, & please keep them safe!”
After the cake, it was time for their crowns,
which I placed on their heads & chased them around.

I wanted the perfect picture you see,
to post on my blog and, you know, for memories.
A lovely day, it was worth the wait.
The food was wonderful, the mimosas were great.

But our best gift ever was the two of you,
with your ear splitting shrieks & heart melting coos.
Here’s to celebrating one year gone by
A whirlwind of gurgles, poo, and cries.

To our little babies, so very, very loved,
we give you our best, and a thousand million hugs.

Happy Birthday, Love Mommy & Daddy

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