Monday, December 15, 2008

Let it Snow...

A whole three inches that is....

No matter, we still got the white stuff and we're thrilled! It might even stick around awhile. They say more on Wednesday or Thursday. A fringe benefit of staying home with the kids is all the morning news "Winter Storm" drama doesn't affect me. I can kick back and drink my coffee. For a few seconds anyway, until somebody is laying on the cat, about to do a face plant on the tile, or I smell poop.

Well, maybe the city commute isn't so bad after all.

P.S. On Saturday night, we turned the lights off and peeked out the windows to watch the snow fall. As we looked out, we discovered a coyote on the front porch! He didn't see us, so we watched him trot around in the snow, sniffing here, lifting a leg there. All the while, our German Shepherd dog slept peacefully at our feet. (He would have gone bullistic if he saw it). We actually see coyotes quite a bit where we live, but never one this close to the house.

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