Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Maui Lulu

Today is the day. Your day. The 1st day of your 44th year.
You said you're not a "pretty young thing anymore". Do you really want to be? I can't believe this is my strong, beautiful, killer chef, book lover, expert gardener, flower arranger extraordinaire, speed demon driver, cat lover, music collector, puts-Nate-Berkus-to-shame-interior decorator & legs-that-go-on-for-miles friend talking here? You've got to be kidding.

Here are a few other 44 sisters who aren't pretty young things either...
  • Michelle Obama: No description needed

  • Diana Krall: Incredible jazz singer & mom of twins

  • Vanessa Williams: Queen of come backs, Ugly Betty boss from hell

  • Mariska Hartigay: Law & Order diva who helps crime victims in real life

  • a few months: Mom of twins & we'll see what happens

A toast to you, my friend. This is your best birthday ever. Celebrate your 44-ness and your killer abs. I'm right there with you (except on the abs part, but a girl can dream).


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