Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Guess this is the New Normal

I'm now realizing how busy life is with two, nearly two year olds. Don't forget two dogs, a cat, a job and oh yes, a husband! Take last week for example, we had houseguests for three days, the dog had a cyst rupture, one of my crowns fell out, and the kids had their first day of Playschool. I also heard myself volunteering to be on the school's fund raising committee (it's kind of was either that or cleaning), and another volunteer position came up that involves marketing and I couldn't resist helping them out, so here I am.

I suppose this is just normal, everyday family life. It's easy to tell you about the craziness, but what's more difficult is to tell you about all the little moments of wonderful-ness that happen in between. Boo speaking in two word sentences and exploding with new words every day. Bear saying actual words ("doh"=door, "ny"=night, mow=mouth) instead of just "da-da-da-da". Seeing their gender hormones at work...a little girl who talks to her dolls in the stroller and a little boy who wants see how hard he can ram that same stroller into the wall.

Normal, everyday family life.