Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Raising Literary Connoiseurs

Must my children love the BoohBahs? Of all of the books they could choose, why is it one based on a TV show? Alright, I'm a snob, but I had higher literary hopes, even at this stage.

"Scrunch up, stretch out, BoohBah's shaking all about..."
Complaints aside, whispering this simple phrase instantly stops my son's fussing. I don't even need the book anymore, as long as I can quote it verbatim (which I do, I'm no fool), he stops crying, looks up...."Do I hear BoohBahs?" and smiles. It works nearly as well as breastfeeding, which is handy, since mine aren't used for feeding anymore.

When I was pregnant, I dreamed of the books I would read my children: the Caldecott medal winners, the Polar Express's, the Cat in the Hat's. My fantasy didn't include these bald, staring creatures dancing around like a wild public service announcement for circumcision. Look again, you'll see the male anatomical resemblance.

I know what you're thinking, "lighten up Mommy Dearest, they're babies". I know I'm going a tad overboard here, but I'm learning an important lesson in Parenting 101: they'll like what they like, in spite of what I think. So I'll buck up and change my attitude. (I must say, it's a colorful public service announcement!).

So we'll continue to grow our library of books prized for their early literacy building power, and the BoohBahs will sit quietly staring on the shelf. So smug. Damn them.

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