Saturday, November 15, 2008

Forty Mamas...

Forty Mama: a woman with a new baby/child after the age of forty; any fortyish woman who is mothering young children.

Mamas of any age share...

  • lack of sleep

  • never ending laundry

  • a sudden interest in Jon & Kate Plus 8

  • MOTHER BEAR protectiveness. On certain sleepless nights I have fantasies of "Ninja Mom." Most involve shrieking & jumping on the would-be abductor kamakaze style (you've gotta psyche 'em out). It usually ends with "you picked the wrong house buster!" (no, of course, I wouldn't say buster, but I'm keeping things clean here)
A Forty Mama...

  • doesn't bounce back from sleepless nights as easily

  • discovers that backs get zinged simply by picking a baby or toddler up incorrectly (core strength is the new mantra)

  • is forced to deal with her age; she may be the oldest mom in the room

  • can afford a sleek washer/dryer combo to deal with all that laundry, and a much nicer bed than the futons from our 20s.

Whether she stuggled with infertility, waded thru lengthy adoption paperwork, or wrestled with the idea of bringing a child into the world alone, a Forty Mama has done alot of soul searching by the time she has her child.

So I have a little crow's feet. I'm more patient, less fussy, and more self accepting than my 25 year old self. Isn't that a wonderful gift for my children?

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