Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • the curl of my daughter's arms around my neck
  • my son's 2:00 a.m. baby breath
  • coffee
  • hand massages from my husband
  • a warm house at the end of the day
  • a stepdaughter who never laughs (out loud) at what's on my ipod
  • another stepdaughter who is a great mothering role model
  • dogs that are excited to see me
  • a toilet paper roll shredding cat
  • another cat that patiently tolerates our kids "love"
  • a granddaughter who tells jokes
  • another grandaughter who shrieks if you pick her up
  • buttered popcorn with brewer's yeast
  • Six Feet Under on DVD (goes w/ the popcorn)
  • two extra hours of sleep courtesy of 'Daddy time'
  • family that can drive you crazy, but you'd be lost without them
  • a husband who gets grumpy on the outside, but has a heart of gold
  • local friends, far away friends and computer friends

    ...a few things I'm grateful for today.

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