Saturday, November 22, 2008

Are You Practicing?

Tonight I visited an open house hosted by a woman who designs jewelery. Talking with her, I asked if she had a graphic design background, and she answered that, in fact, she was a graphic designer.

"So am I", I replied.

"Are you practicing?" she asked nonchalantly. Like it was a religion.

I was a bit flustered by her question, so I stammered something like..."well, not like I used to. I mainly do it for our business now."

Hmmmm, am I practicing? Her comment really outed me. The jig is up, she saw through my act. The fact is, I've been feeling very un-graphic designery for quite awhile now. In fact, I've been feeling very un-anything (career-wise) for awhile.

Being pregnant for most of 2007 and raising little babies during 2008 have been filled with tremendous joy and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything...ANYTHING! But there's a part of me that feels very out of touch with my career and my creativity, something I didn't expect.

However, there's a shift happening, my own tipping point. It sounds crazy, but this blog is part of it. There is something cathartic for me about writing in it every day. It's a discipline: just do it and don't overthink it. Just get it out there, even if you feel nervous. A door has opened.

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GaryinAlaska said...

so Tonya, will you pick up professional life? or be a stay at home Mom. both valuable and important to you...