Sunday, November 16, 2008

Teletubbies Obsession

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La, Po.

Two years when I first watched the Teletubbies with my nephew, I couldn't keep the names straight. Now I can rattle them off in my sleep --I even have a favorite! (sick, I's La La.) Tubbies have a way of working themselves into your brain, and nesting. Maybe it's because they play everything twice ("again, again!") and when you've seen those episodes again, again that adds up to...well, you get the idea.

It started out innocently, I let my children watch Teletubbies just to see their reactions. They responded immediately to the baby face sun, the giggles & shrieks with shrieks & giggles of their own (it was so cute, I wanted more). The Tubbies couldn't be TOO bad, I's public television, and they'll learn British phrases like "dollop" and "well done".

I confess, now I've come to depend on the Tubbies when Mum needs a break. The music starts, Tubbies prance out and I, at the kitchen counter, sponge in hand, get to pondering about the real Teletubbies...

Tubbie drama: "Dammit La La, you knew that was my scene!"

Tubbie pay: Is there a guild?
Read between the lines here...

Tubbie status: "Oh god, there's Byron Kerley, he brought such depth to Po."

Tubbie scripts: "We want edgy-- but how 'bout giving Tinky a purse?"

better yet, Tubbie auditions: move over, American Idol Rewind

Tubbies on DVD: Can you get director's commentary?
...grab my outstretched hand....

"Get a life!" you say, to which I reply....
"The sun is setting in the sky...Teletubbies say goodbye!"

Tinky Winky: "Bye bye"
Dipsy: "Buh bye"
La La: "Bye bye"
Po: "Byyyyeee Byyyee"
Camera pans back as each Tubbie waves and pops down into the rabbit hole. Baby sun sinks behind the horizon, credits roll. Fade to black.

...hear my desperate cry for help!

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