Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Diaper Duty

Last night, my Hubby offered to get Little Miss ready for bed. I gladly tossed him a diaper and got into position to change Dr. J. Things were going well, Dr. J was happily mouthing a tube of diaper rash ointment (a special object guaranteed to hold interest for a few seconds) and holding still while I changed him.

"For God's sake....this…..it's…arrgh!" Little Miss was twisting and arching her back, not at all content like her brother. The iphone Hubby gave her had a frozen screen (hmmm, wonder why?) and was no longer entertaining. Desperate, he offered her the case.

"Whoever designed these things never had babies," he grumbled, trying to snap her onesie closed (he always says that).

Meanwhile, Little Miss squirmed and whined…loudly. I watched alongside, smug in my diaper changing skills since Dr. J was very quiet. When I turned back, I discovered to my horror the ointment cap had opened and he was happily mouthing white goopy stuff! Mental note: babies + quiet = never good.

“There…OK…she’s done,” Hubby sighed.

“Well not quite, she still needs her sleeper” I replied and tossed him the one piece body suit from the couch.


So it began again, Little Miss writhing, and Hubby attempting to fit arms and legs in the right places. (There is an easier way…but I kept my mouth shut.)

Later, after bottles, after lullabies, as we steathily left the two darlings asleep in their cribs, Hubby said, “sometimes I love them so much it hurts.”

Could there be any better ending to a day?

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