Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Turkey Soup That Never Was

Yesterday was one of those days where two very clingy, cranky babies never let me: wash my hair, vacuum the carpet, catch up on the dishes or get any sort of domestic duty accomplished. I did start some turkey soup, but the key word here is start. To top it all off, a cake sat on the counter all day calling my name.

Consequently, the kids crawled around on a dog hair covered floor, while a greasy haired mom snuck bites of cake in the middle of a messy kitchen that smelled like turkey soup.

When Hubby walked in the door, he took one look at me and said , "Whoa, I'll take care of the babies tomorrow, you just sleep in." Then we ordered Thai food. Thank God for freezers.

Sorry, no photos of this day, you wouldn't want to see them!!

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