Thursday, May 21, 2009


I sat on the couch last night, doodling in my sketchbook watching the American Idol finale, when Adam Lambert's version of the KISS song Beth caught my interest.

"What is he going to do now?" (Adam is always so creative with his songs.)

And there they guys: Paul, Ace & Gene...KISS! Even though my KISS fling only lasted during my 12 & 13th year, that 13 year old's starstruck thrill remains. The giggles started, the notebook cast aside in exchange for the camera, and I began shooting the TV madly (you know, for the blog!) as I told my husband, "I'm really not that into them anymore." Secretly grateful for TiVo once again!

Lucky for them and us, the makeup hides wrinkles and the plastic "secrets" we all look for in our aging celebrities. They can keep this up well into their 70s, and their fans, by then in our 60s, can climb onto our guys' aching shoulders and excitedly fling our bras on stage. A scary sight indeed!

The KISS shirt is on today.

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