Saturday, May 2, 2009

House Dreams

Yesterday while going for a walk, we stopped to look at a house that was for sale. The owners were in the yard and invited us in to look around. It's a family house with room enough for large dinners, an attic to play in, a large pantry, huge closets, a laundry chute and yes, a hot tub. The upstairs bedrooms had late afternoon sunlight dappling cozy window seats. I could see our kids in those rooms. It's the kind of house I dreamed of as a little girl, straight from the set of "Eight is Enough", where everything turns out OK and nobody worries about the power bill.

As great as it is, it's just not the time. I can't even imagine the monumental task of putting our current house on the market, keeping it clean for showings, "staging" it, not to mention the current real eastate market. But we can always dream.

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