Sunday, May 17, 2009


Good food, great friends...I'm living a Michelob commerical. Who could ask for more on your birthday weekend? A parade, a good scream on the Zipper, a babysitter, a party, a pretty cake, tons of mexican food, margaritas, and best of all, sunshine. Glorious sunshine. Maybe 44 isn't so bad after all.

Enjoying her first parade at our local Spring festival.
Not too sure about it.
Not quite summer yet.
Calories, schmalories!


mauilulu said...

Happy birthday my sweet BFF! I'm glad to hear you had a super birthday. I wish I could have been there for it. I cant remember when we celebrated your birthday together. The kids are getting soo big. They grow up so fast. Wishing that all of your dreams come true for you in the next year. Can't wait to see you in July.
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

I'm falling off my chair, someone posted a comment on my blog! Can't wait to see you too! T

40licious said...

So gorgeous! Happy, happy, happy. You always have been, and continue to be, inspiring to me.