Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Watch Your Back Martha!

I have so many projects going on....of course, there's the dreaded get-all-the-papers-together-for-taxes adventure, but I'd rather discuss crafty stuff right now. Maybe it's a nesting instinct, but I'm filled with the urge to sew, glue and embroider (ya, I said embroider!) things for my kids. I'm also guilty of frequent "crafterbation". (I stole that term from this blog, it's short for vicarious crafting.)

I don't think I'll have any crafterbaters on my blog anytime soon, but for now, my creative urges are satisfied. Sometimes I even crave a ciggie afterwards (just kidding, actually I just fall asleep).
I made a cardboard playhouse Superbowl weekend, after a friend gave us this awesome huge box. I wrote their names on it in fabric paint as an afterthought, then Hubby walked too close and before I could tell him the paint was still wet, his shirt had blue glitter on it. He wasn't too thrilled. Oops! You can just barely see the smear mark.

They love it.

I had these wool felt remnants and am making little pillows for the babies. I'm even attempting to embroider a face on the bunny, still have some filling in to do.

As you can see, I went a little crazy at the only place in town that sells embroidery thread.

We bought this table & chairs for the kids at Ikea. I wanted to get low VOC paint and primer since they'll be eating right off of it...the paint cost as much as the table! If I would have known the primer would be this red, I wouldn't have bought the blue paint. Oh well, I'm sure I'll use it.

And another project brewing in my head right now too. There's so much to do, maybe I could use a nanny for my job!

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