Monday, February 9, 2009

And I Thought "Maam" was Bad

Last friday I was at the local natural foods store inspecting some salmon when a high pitched "oooh, they're so sweeeeet!" erupted behind me. I swung around to see a young clerk smiling crazily at the babies. I gave her my "yes, they're adorable aren't they?" smile, casually soaking in the praise (I admit, I was a little cocky too, we go through this all the time--it's the twin thing). It was the second time this week she had swooned over them, but she didn't seem to remember.

"Now wait...are you the mom or grandma?"

OUCH! (...glasses, must be the glasses, they make me look older)

Being the nice, people pleasing person that I am, I casually said, "uh...Mom", but I was floored and surprised that she didn't recognize us from two days ago, when she made the same fuss.

She turned towards the kids again "Well, I got to meet your grandma the other day."

DOUBLE OUCH! (OK, Tuesday was a bad hair day, but THAT bad?)

"Oh well, anyway congratulations" she said cheerily, and disappeared behind the stock room doors, oblivious to the baggage she dumped at my feet.

Now I know in my profile I go on about being a mom and a grandma, but being a "grandma" has always been OK because up until now I knew I was too young to really be one. Whenever I tell people I'm a grandma, they inevitably say "no're much too young." Apparently, that is over, I'm into a new era now...and looking back, most of the people who respond that way aren't nineteen.

On the positive side, I should feel flattered, because if I really was Boo & Bear's grandma, it would feel great to be mistaken for their mom.

But I did put on a little more makeup this never know who you'll run into.

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40licious said...

OUCH. Try pigtails, that might help. And kneesocks. Good luck!