Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

It's been a hard day, Friday the 13th I suppose. It started this morning I discovered from my stepdaughter that the art easel we purchased online for my granddaughter's birthday is actually for a three year old! Thanks Toys R Us for putting it in the 8-11 year old section.

It's been a day of shortchanged naps, walks that never happened and a house that refuses to stay picked up.

I really felt myself sinking around their bed time. Trying to get two one year olds diapered and in pajamas can be quite a feat and tonight I was doing it alone, Hubby was working late. As I was changing Bear, he arched his back just at the moment I took his diaper off and a large peice of poop fell right on the living room floor. He crawled out of my grasp with a poopy butt as I grabbed a wipe to pick up the poop, but he was faster than me and somehow stepped in it. FYI steam carpet cleaners make great baby shower gifts! (Mercifully, I have no pictures for you.)


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40licious said...

Shit happens, no? Hang in there.