Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I feel fine

How do you know you're PMSing when you don't think you are? I feel fine, these are all just genuine feelings, right? I'm completely justified in having them, I'm not being sensitive, anyone would react this way...right?

Telltale signs:

  • Nobody answers your question about how much milk your kids should drink on the local baby info online newsgroup, and you feel like a rejected dud with a lame question, at the same time though you know you're overreacting. (Damn--not even one helpful hint!).
  • You drive to work in a tizzy, fuming about how little time you have and how this last minute project assigned to you this morning will make your carefully alloted day fall apart; at the same time preparing to lead an office meeting on "being positive".
  • Your husband warily asks you "is everything OK?" upon walking in the door. Of course, I say "fine." Later, he tells you someone else is in your body and you'll be back soon.
  • You pig out on ice cream and chocolate while watching The Biggest Loser.

Really, I feel fine.

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