Thursday, June 4, 2009

No Title, I'm Too Creeped Out

Tonight as I sat with a friend in the front yard, we watched a policeman take pictures of our neighborhood intersection, one block from our house. Later, he came to the door to let us know that a "white man in a black van" tried to lure our neighbor's ten year old son into his car.

Uuugh! I am creeped out, stunned, a little scared even. I can only imagine how his parents must feel. When an evil out there taps your child's shoulder, after you've thanked the universe with all your being that they're safe, held them for an eternity, and are pushing away scenarios of what could have happened, how do you send them into the world again? Right now, I'm thankful that my children are always in my protection...but I know it won't last forever. It can't. It must be the hardest part of parenting...letting them go.

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