Thursday, April 16, 2009

Family Tree

So I didn't exactly do this yesterday, but it's going to count as a creative activity for this month. I've had this family tree idea since we first hung up this wallpaper tree in the kids room (ahem, before they were born!), and I finally got around to starting it a few weeks ago. The kids can see their extended family and it keeps them occupied while I change diapers. Then they have the fun of hanging it back on the wall.

It's far from done, there are many more family members to add, but it's a start. These "apples" are made of felt and attach to the wall with self adhesive velcro. I laminated the photos before gluing them inside the 2 layers of felt.


GaryinAlaska said...

I love your genealogy project, and the tree on the wall. keep us posted on your additions Tonya

Hi, I'm Tonya... said...

hey, thanks Gary!