Monday, March 30, 2009

Goin' to California

Tonight I fly to San Diego and will spend the next four days driving up the CA coast with coworkers looking at flowers, talking shop and gossiping about the industry. A business trip for sure, but the conversation alone makes it worth it. I had hoped to stretch out the trip a bit and visit my glamorous 40licious friend in LA, (sorry V, never had a chance to tell you about that idea!) but I'm stretching it being gone this long already. Maybe she'll take me in next Spring.

Anyway, off to pack and write well meaning notes for my husband about the kids.


40licious said...


Sorry to miss you this time, but if you can squeeze a minute I'll take it! ox

Anonymous said...

Sorry! We had to end up driving aroudn LA, so I probably wasn't even close to you. I'll wish for better luck next year. -T