Monday, January 5, 2009

Time, Time, Time

This is precious time right now. It's nap time and I'm pushing it: I've checked my email, started some laundry, made a couple work calls, raided my children's Pirate's Booty snacks (addictingly crunchy goodness!) and now I'm on to my blog. I know any second the fussing will start and it'll be over. This post and you, my audience of four, will have to wait patiently until my next opportunity to blog. You have heavy competition too! So many things in front of you...dishes, laundry (always laundry), bills to pay, and a Christmas tree to break down (yes, it's still up). Oh and the huge decision of what to make for dinner...again. Geez, I just did that yesterday!

I now recognize the wads of time I had before the kids. Scads of minutes, half hours, even hours, that I frittered away, always feeling there was never enough. Things I took for granted like weekends being a time to sleep in, staying up late to watch movies, leisurely breakfasts, styling my hair have become things that need to be planned. Now here comes the corny part when I say that I wouldn't trade my babies for all time in the world, and of course that's completely, absolutely true.

Here comes the fussing, in stereo, so I have to run.

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