Saturday, February 13, 2010

You Could Be Reading Better Blogs

Every time I recount the days event's to M. he always says, "that's a great blog entry!". As he laughs and I get much needed perspective, I realize that , yes, they would be great blog entries, but who has the time?

Great potential blog posts constantly run through my head when I have time to think--in the shower, drying my hair, or during the last few moments before sleep. But then I wake up or get to work and--"poof!" they're gone.

So, dear friends, you could be reading a much better blog than this one (and probably are) ...but I appreciate your patience in sticking with me. I can't promise more frequent entries, but I'll do my best to share with you when I can. I have always thought the hardest period of twin parenthood was the relentless, sleep deprived first six months. Ha! What did I know?! I get (a little) more sleep now, but this period of talking, independent two year olds, who want different things at the same time and can throw a tantrum better than Jon McEnroe, may take first place.


GaryinAlaska said...

hey, you keep it going Tonya. I like your creative thoughts, be they waking or not. you could write TV!

Anonymous said...

thank you Gary, I need more friends like you!

40licious said...

We read because it's you and we love you. We have Vanity Fair and Barbara Kingsolver for the other stuff.

Deborah said...

40 mama, I love your blog and can relate! although I only have one so don't know HOW you do it with two...I mean, who has time for a blog?! Yeah, everyone told me the first 3 months is the about the first 22 months? Anyway, thanks for the posts as much as you can, I look forward to enjoying it when I have time (AKA when he is asleep...)

40licious said...

Liking the new logo.

Anonymous said...

Thanks you guys! Wow, and a new reader too! Hi Deborah, I'll have to check out your blog.