Saturday, November 28, 2009

Red Wine for the Soul

Last night I had a last minute hook up with my friend 40licious and her significant other (first time meeting him.) M. stayed home with the kids, taking advantage of a chance to watch an action flick without me.

It felt so good (dare I say, nourishing!) to catch up, connect and have a couple glasses of wine with an old friend. She laughed at my jokes, she even said she misses it when I'm too busy to blog. (Aw, shucks!) Her partner is a great guy, I was immediately comfortable with him. So much that I found myself unabashedly discussing my birth experience...and all the gory details. (Hey, we were exchanging hospital stories and it's all I've got.) Let's just say he now knows way more about my uterus than most people.

So my friend, when you & your sweetie are weary of the sunny beaches, the endless mani-pedi pressure, Whole Foods, spiked Frappucinos and you've got a hankerin' for polar fleece, Carhartt's, Volvo's (sorry honey, the old kind) and off leash dog encounters, I know of a great Yurt. You can keep your high paying jobs! Why not telecommute from our wi-fi equipped Safeway Starbuck's? Where else can you enjoy your nonfat, soy, double latte with General Tso's chicken and a $5.00* take home pizza (*Friday only with a Safeway Club Card). You CAN have it all.


40licious said...

Thanks, 40M, that was surely one of my favorite evenings of the trip. Everything was DONE and there we were and I left all woeful and brimming with memory and kept saying to S, "Isn't she great? Isn't she funny?"

So yes, when we tire of parking lots on the 5 (not "I-5" here, "the 5"), unnaturally skinny people, ridiculously escalating real estate and summers that burn our hair, we will come back. At least for a while.


fortymama said...

Hopefully, I'll see you in April.
Isn't that funny that they all call it "the 5". I first heard it with M & his family, but then I started noticing how most Californians say it.