Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grace in One Thing

I just discovered this "Grace In Small Things" (GIST) site that is inspiring, yet surprisingly challenging...the act of recognizing the grace in five small things every day. This may not even count as "grace" but it was a proud moment.

Doing my final check of the night on the kids, I was hit with the tell tale waft of....well, you know. I wondered who did the deed, hoping it wasn't Bear, who was wearing a a full body sleeper, instead of a two piece like his sister. Yep, it was Bear and it was a big one. I stood for a moment watching his chest rise and fall in the steady breath of sleep and decided I couldn't chance waking him.

Mission Impossible music please....

Carefully, oh so carefully, I pulled each leg out of of the sleeper, removed the dirty diaper (in spite of the loud velcro "braaack" of diaper tape), deftly kept the offending mess out of his crib, held his legs up, negotiated the many dirty wipes back into the dirty diaper, kept him from rolling over (which he kept trying to do), and got the clean diaper flashlight. Amazingly, the kid stayed asleep. I walked out of the room with a squishy, warm, rolled up diaper in hand and did my best fist pumping, lip synched "Yes!"

Grace. In small things.

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GaryinAlaska said...

well said Tonya. thanks for the reminder. Grace is all there is.