Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hi kitchen: it's a been a good run, but things are about to change.

Hi big, boring dining room window that I'm totally sick of. Yep, more change.

I'm going bold, I'm going red. Yikes! I kind of get scared whenever I say that, but I feel like it will work. I'm actually going "Deep Rose" but there's nothing rose about it. It's Tuscany, it's a brick oven, it's's change.

For our living room hearth: think eggplant, genie bottle, Arabian nights, think...Chambourde. (It must be said in a drawn out whisper..."Chambooouuurrrde")

Don't know what Chambourde means? Neither do I, neither does Webster's, but apparently Benjamin Moore does. It's means a $50 a gallon room makeover. I've tried finding a similar color in Behr paint, Martha Stewart, and even Ralph Lauren, but nothing matches the tone and hue of Chambourde.

Here's a preview. Chambourde on the left, the competitor on the right--a no go.
(Pay no attention to the diapered stuffed monkey in the lower right hand corner, any self respecting home decor magazine would have edited that out, but at this blog, things are blessedly real.)


40licious said...

You can actually take the paint sample and Home Depot or Lowe's will match it to any other brand of paint!

PS My dining room is a deep red and I LOVE it after five years!

Hi, I'm Tonya... said...

Too late, I bought the paint yesterday.. :-(
but I'm still excited! Glad to hear about your red, that warms my cold feet a bit. now I just have to start.

mauilulu said...

I know I am over a month late on reading this however, I needed to comment about chambourd. It's a black raspberry liqueur. Its really good mixed with vodka and sparkling water. I knew it well from the "good 'ol days".