Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lockdown - 9 Days & Counting

I'm sorry I left you hanging with those YouTube videos and no interesting posts since December 1st! In the holiday spirit, we've had lots of red & green things happening: chicken pox, sore throats & runny noses.

To top it all off, I got sick too (and it's still hanging in there). I knew it would happen sometime, just another one of those parent paying-your-dues things. It's like returning to those first few months of parenthood:you sleep every spare moment you can. You doze on the couch holding 60 pounds of toddler, while Curious George hoo hoos in the background, you sacrifice hygiene to sleep during their nap time instead of shower. (Boo is a one hour napper max, so there's not much time.)

Self absorbed blogger that I am, I just realized that I've only shared MY discomforts, and not my children's. Poor Boo was the first one with this, she's had it over a week and is finally getting better. Bear has it too, although not as bad and his legs are covered with spots. One or two harmless little spots (that I thought were flea bites) appeared almost two weeks ago. So even after Frontlineing the dogs, more spots appeared. Turns out the spots are chicken pox, however, he was vaccinated for them (one of the things they include now in their shots) so his is a mild case. He's not even scratching. Apparently the vaccine doesn't give full coverage to all children, but he's still contagious. So we were escorted out the back of the doc's office,with firm orders not to go anywhere public until the spots are gone. Our play school had to be notified via one of those a mass emails. It's weird when it's your child that's the "case" they are talking about.

So our 9th & hopefully last day of lockdown continues.

P.S. Oh ya, & they turned 2 this week. More on that later.

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40licious said...

Actually, this is the place to talk about only YOUR discomforts if you want to! Let those kids get their own blogs!