Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Parent Room

Today was our second Playschool class and things went very smoothly. Last week, Bear got a little overexcited (so much to do!) and a little overtired (it's in the middle of nap time) so the second hour was pretty much meltdown after meltdown. But we survived and returned this morning, despite my late night anxieties.

During the second hour, I visited the "Parent Room" and enjoyed a cup of coffee while the kids played. As we sat around the table drinking coffee, one of the moms said she graduated high school in 2006. 2006! Ok, so I won't be telling anyone when I graduated.

"I tried a year of college, but it just wasn't for me," she continued.

Oh, but to be 21. So much possibility. When I was 21, divorce was something that happened to other people, and life was full of time. Time to go to school, build a career and then think about kids. I politely listened, drank my International Delight French Vanilla coffee, and wondered if she was going to complain next that she has sex only four times a week?

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beatstalkingtomyself said...

I loved this post! Very funny and so true.